Monday, 14 May 2012

Grass is green everywhere

This year spring has not only brought colourful flowers but also rain and it has been pouring continuously for the whole week .Our garden is thriving in all his might and with young kids around it is bit handful to keep them and myself engaged indoors.

After a good brainstorm with my four year old we decided to make an english cottage with lots of sunshine and 'no rain' ..
So started off with collecting some postal card boards,cupcake cases,napkin ring,paint brush and paints.
As the day progressed we started building our 3D model and more than my daughter I was excited and unconsciously tried many times to intervene to  take over but I have been bluntly stopped to do it.

After a week long of hardwork and sweat, bearing in mind that paint had to dry before we work on it so it took long than usual our model is all ready for show off..

At my business end , it was dogs business trust me I mean it .For the past few weeks I have been making dogs illustration on request by clients .Here are few..

German Shorthaired Pointer


Brittany Spaniel

For more details click the images ..

After the successful 3D model of an english cottage we getting gearing up for another project and will post when we are ready, signing off for now.

Take care

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