Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer.. Summer.. Summer..

 Oh yes !  making the most of it ..

Summers are always special but this one is very special, as kids are growing up and the little one has grown out of nappy so in short it means  I don't carry nappy bags any more  .
Coming out of a comfort zone and trying cycling after years this summer it is fun, here are some other acitivities..

- Cycling
  Great fun cycling with kids and explore new cycle paths around local areas.

- Picnic
  Meet up with friends and enjoy the food ...
Bit of gardening...

Still more to share...

Work wise its been busy with orders filling up so couldn't spend much on new designs.
Here is an announcement something new to shout about new iPad Mini caseses are in store here
iPad mini case
iPad mini case
iPad mini case

My six year old daughter helped me with some photo shoot

This week I did some photo shoot of my products as a maintenance work..

It’s a beautiful time, have a great day.
Indira x

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